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How To Donate Your Deer


Follow these instructions to donate your deer; 

1.) Use a legal buck or doe deer tag for the purpose of donating the deer to our program.  DONATE THE DEER YOU DON'T NEED.

2.) The donated deer must be properly field dressed, cleaned, tagged, and registered before we can accept the deer as a donation to the program. Handle the deer as if you are going to provide it for your own family. No deer will be accepted that does NOT have a registration tag. 

Note* Deer tagged with a Red or Blue tag from the CWD Zone are not accepted.  Deer from Michigan are not accepted as well.

If the temperature is above 40 degrees at the time you harvest the deer you plan to donate, please put two bags of ice in "each" deer carcass, one in the chest cavity and another between the hind quarters. This will help preserve the venison until you can drop it off.

3.) Drop the whole deer off in the hide, at Paul's Pantry in Green Bay, or at one of the other drop off sites or participating venison processors.  Make sure to call the drop off site or processor ahead of time to make sure they are open for your donation.

4.) Fill out the short donation log form so we have a record of your donation. 

5.) There is NO COST in making your donation. WE THANK YOU!

6.) If you have frozen packaged wild game from previous hunts, we will accept that meat in good condition, all year long. The meat must be frozen and in good shape.  Paul's Pantry in Green Bay is the drop off site for any packaged wild game meat including venison.


7.) Tell others of this great opportunity to help those in our community that are less fortunate.  Encourage other deer hunters to become fellow FOOD PROVIDERS FOR THOSE IN NEED!

8.) If you hunt and live outside of N.E. Wisconsin, and plan to donate deer in other parts of the state, check out the complete list of STATEWIDE WISCONSIN DEER DONATION drop off sites and processors.  Go to the home page for a link to the statewide program.

For more information, you can call Lee Dudek at 920-655-1284, or write;  leedhfth@new.rr.com


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